Examples for changing table scheme from MAL/C

Sherzod Mutalov shmutalov at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 06:50:48 CEST 2015

Hello Developers,

I need some help to understand monetdb kernel/sql structure.

Please, provide example code/paper or link for follow situation:
I   have   a   table   (SQL),   and  I  want to change structure of it
(add/drop/rename/order column). I know, I can do it with SQL,
but I need to view examples in MAL or C.

I want to write function like this:

int add_column(str schemaName, str tableName, str newColumnName)
   // return 1 if column successfully created

Before posting this message I saw the source code of SQL kernel
and      found      some      functions      like     sys_drop_column,
and others. But, I don't know how to execute these functions from
my own user defined C/MAL function.

Best regards,
 Sherzod                          mailto:shmutalov at gmail.com

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