mserver5 crash while login with newly created user

Sherzod Mutalov shmutalov at
Tue Jul 14 09:40:19 CEST 2015

I want to change default monetdb user password to other and create new
database user when starting new database instance, before any client
connects to newly created db.

I starting server with follow command:

    mserver5.exe --dbinit="oldpwd := clients.backendsum(\"monetdb\");
newpwd := clients.backendsum(\"secret\"); clients.changePassword(oldpwd,

There are no errors.

Then I trying to connect to this server:

    mclient.exe -u monetdb -P secret

No errors, connected. Then, I am trying to open new session:

    mclient.exe -u newuser -P secret2

Client exits with error:

    Connection terminated

Server unexpectedly dies. I restarted server, then try connect one more
time, same behaviour: "Connection terminated".

Ok. Then I connected to server with default "monetdb" user and checked
"users" table:

    mclient.exe -u monetdb -P secret

    sql>select * from users;
    | name    | fullname      | default_schema |
    | monetdb | MonetDB Admin |           2000 |
    | newuser | null          |           null |
    2 tuples (5.332ms)

Look, fullname and default_schema for "newuser" is null. I think "null
pointer dereference" somewhere in code.

If I creating user with SQL (CREATE USER ...) everything works fine, I can
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