Perl driver improvements

Stefan O'Rear stefan at
Mon Jan 12 22:24:28 CET 2015

I have been integrating MonetDB into a Perl system for the last few
months, and have made a few changes to the Perl driver to improve
performance and reliability.

I hereby release these changes under the same license as MonetDB
itself.  I have permission from my employer to do this.

Is this to correct place to send and/or discuss patches?

In order of patch hunks; more details will be provided for any part if

1. removes "use sigtrap", because this has global effects and should
not be used by modules, only by the application.
2. allows Perl 5.8.1+ Unicode strings to be passed to quote() and
included in statements (UTF-8 encoded, as expected by Monet's str
3. quote and unquote now use the same quoting rules as the MonetDB
server, allowing for all characters except NUL to be round-tripped
4. several character loops have been reimplemented in regex for much
greater performance
5. micro-optimizations to the result fetch loop
6. block boundaries are preserved in piggyback data so that Xclose is
not appended or prepended to a SQL command
7. diagnostic messages #foo before a result header are ignored, this
is necessary to use recycler_pipe
8. fail quickly and loudly if we receive a continuation prompt (or any
other response that starts with a non-ASCII character)
9. header lines must start with %, not merely contain %, fixing a bug
when querying a table where string values contain %
10. after closing a large resultset, account for the fact that a reply
will come and do not lose sync
11. allow a MAPI_TRACE environment variable to dump wire protocol
frames to standard output
12. fixes maximum MAPI block size to match the server limit of 16k.
previously would crash on blocks larger than 16k
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