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Hi Roberto,

the source to consult for information about (external) A[PB]I changes are (in that order):

1) the release notes of feature releases
   (external A[PB]I changes are only allowed with feature releases,
    not with bug-fix releases)

2) the change logs

3) commit messages

4) `hg diff -r <old-release> -r <new-release> clients/Tests/*.stable.out`

5) the developers (via this mailing list)

Having said that, I'm afraid I have to admit that we are not always doing the very best
at providing all the required and useful information with (1) or (2), and not even with (3).
Sorry for that. We (at least some of us) are aware of (also) this lack of information and
documentation. And while we have plan to improve the situation --- and having releases,
release notes, and change logs at all, and limiting A[BP]I changes to feature releases
is already a great improvement over what we used to have --- it is still a long way to go
to fully implement, let alone "enforce", it ...


----- Original Message -----
> Correction: in the case of ALGfetch only some signatures were removed.
> The more general question is still whether some high-level, readable API
> change history is available.
> On 9 February 2015 at 15:50, Roberto Cornacchia <
> roberto.cornacchia at > wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have some custom code running on Feb2013 release.
> As I'm now trying to move to Oct2014, I need to update this custom code.
> MonetDB API has changed a bit in the meantime, for example if I just try to
> compile my code within Oct2014, I get
> error: implicit declaration of function 'ALGfetch'
> Indeed, looking at the previous commits, ALGfetch is one of the interfaces
> that have been removed.
> Question: Is there any documentation that can help me see more clearly what
> changed and how to adapt the code? Or is browsing the commit history my only
> resource?
> Thanks,
> Roberto
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