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Mon Dec 14 09:29:30 CET 2015

Hey Martin,

> On 10 Dec 2015, at 18:46, martin van dinther <martin.van.dinther at> wrote:
> FYI, we have a system table  sys.keywords  with all the reserved SQL keywords.
thanks for the pointer, did not know that!

> The intention of this table is to have one place (in the server) with all the reserved SQL keywords, such that API implementations (ODBC, JDBC, PHP, Ruby, Python, R, etc) can query that table and construct the list or string.
> In the default branch I have implemented this already for jdbc/ method getSQLKeywords().
> This should reduce future maintenance of all the places where these reserved SQL keywords are hardcoded. The new keywords can simply be added/ in one place, the keywords table.
> It is filled in sql/scripts/51_sys_schema_extension.sql

I’m also adding all the keywords I found to produce errors through trial/error


> On 24-11-15 09:42, Hannes Muehleisen wrote:
>> Changeset: c0fb9a0d91e3 for MonetDB
>> URL:;node=c0fb9a0d91e3
>> Modified Files:
>> 	clients/R/MonetDB.R/R/dbi.R
>> Branch: embedded
>> Log Message:
>> R Connector: More naughty words
>> diffs (65 lines):
>> diff --git a/clients/R/MonetDB.R/R/dbi.R b/clients/R/MonetDB.R/R/dbi.R
>> --- a/clients/R/MonetDB.R/R/dbi.R
>> +++ b/clients/R/MonetDB.R/R/dbi.R
>> @@ -391,24 +391,43 @@ setMethod("dbSendQuery", signature(conn=
>>    invisible(new("MonetDBEmbeddedResult", env=env))
>>    })
>>  -
>> -reserved_monetdb_keywords <- c(.SQL92Keywords,
>> +# found from sql_scan.c and trial/error
>> +reserved_monetdb_keywords <- sort(unique(toupper(c(.SQL92Keywords,
>> +"NOW", "NULL", "NULLIF", "NUMERIC", "OF", "OFFSET", "OLD", "ON",
>>    # quoting
>>  quoteIfNeeded <- function(conn, x, warn=T, ...) {
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