Big Slowdown (15-20X ) on import functions in Monetdb October 2014 Release

Ashish Kumar Singh ashishkumar.singh at
Thu Nov 13 18:52:34 CET 2014


With October,2014  release we are stucked in to very strange performance issue while importing data on virtualised environments.

On Virtual machines in our local VMware servers and amazon machine we are seeing import performance has downgraded to close to 15 to 20 while importing  ~ 2000 files  as compared to 1 hour time being taken with old release. This we are seeing consistently with CentOS, SLES vm and configuration is 4 Core 33 GB machine. We tried on quite a few amazon vm  just to make sure its not an issue with a particular instance setup.

On a physical machine of 4 core 24 GB we are able to match speed of import with old monetdb. We are issuing  copy into command through JDBC connection.

Can you guys help me with pointers on this issue, I will be happy to share any debug info.

Ashish Kumar Singh
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