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Mon Feb 17 10:29:04 CET 2014

Hi Fabian and list,

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>> Since I'm no longer really in the loop with MonetDB, I was wondering
>> what the state of the default branch is supposed to be.  I just fixed a
>> configure error and now hit a redeclaration problem regarding gdk.h and
>> gdk_private.h.  

On 16.02.2014, at 17:31, Stefan Manegold <stefan.manegold at> wrote:
> We do still test on OSX and have not yet abandoned it as a "supported" platform
> (just like all other platforms we still test on), hence, I assume it's just that
> noone has had the time, yet, to look into the problem that appears to occur
> (1) "only" with the default branch and (2) "only" on OSX (and its gcc version).

Problem has not appeared in my OSX setup, but I am not using gcc (clang instead...). So I would classify this as an OSX/gcc issue, not an OSX issue.



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