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Sun Feb 16 17:31:58 CET 2014

Hi Fabian,

thanks for the configure fix and for the hint about the OSX (or its gcc version?)
compilation problem.

For the compilation status (and testing) status, please see
(you might still recall that one ;-))

Indeed, also there the reported OSX compilation problem occurs:

I guess, it is related to this changeset
but I'm not entirely sure.

We do still test on OSX and have not yet abandoned it as a "supported" platform
(just like all other platforms we still test on), hence, I assume it's just that
noone has had the time, yet, to look into the problem that appears to occur
(1) "only" with the default branch and (2) "only" on OSX (and its gcc version).


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> Hi all,
> Since I'm no longer really in the loop with MonetDB, I was wondering
> what the state of the default branch is supposed to be.  I just fixed a
> configure error and now hit a redeclaration problem regarding gdk.h and
> gdk_private.h.  gdk_batop.c includes both headers so it seems like a
> valid complaint to me.  Is OSX still a supported platform, these days?
> I guess there is little to no point in supporting it.
> Fabian
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