Question in re remote.exec()

Stephen P. Morgan stephen_p_morgan at
Thu Mar 21 17:06:34 CET 2013

I have a question about remote.exec().  Let's say I have a user function, s1_1 
that takes a BAT as a parameter and returns a BAT.  Its signature might be:

    function user.s1_1(in:bat[:oid,:int]):bat[:oid,:int];

How can I call s1_1 using remote.exec to pass in a BAT and to retrieve the 
result?  I want to do something like

    X_2 := remote.exec(conn, "user", "s1_1", X_1);

where X_1 and X_2 are both :bat[:oid,:int].  But that doesn't seem to work.


Steve Morgan
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