mapi.connect / mapi_connect (Second Try)

Stephen P. Morgan stephen_p_morgan at
Mon Mar 11 16:30:01 CET 2013

I wrote an email a few days ago to the effect that I could not get the 
mapi.connect() MAL statement to work due to the server side complaining that I 
had not specified the database to use.

This morning I ran one of the sample programs included with MonetDB, 
clients/examples,C/sample0.c (sample0).  It seems very similar as it issues a 
mapi_connect() with the database field set  to NULL.  It fails in the same way, 

    MAPI  = monetdb at localhost:50000
    ACTION= mapi_start_talking
    ERROR = !monetdbd: please specify a database

Should mapi_connect() work with the database field set to NULL?  (If so, then 
the mapi.connect() MAL statement should work, I think.)  Is there a bug in the 
server that insists on the database being specified?  If there is a bug, does 
anyone have a fix for this?  It would be greatly appreciated.


Steve Morgan
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