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Fabian Groffen fabian at
Sat Mar 9 09:28:03 CET 2013

On 08-03-2013 16:53:22 +0100, Gijs Molenaar wrote:
> Yes, I can issue some start and restarts over the same connection, but
> as soon as I issue a 'status' command the connection is closed by the
> monetdb server. I've solved this by reconnecting before every command
> which seems to be the proper solution given your answer.

This is entirely expected.  All commands that can return multiple
answers will terminate the connection afterwards.

> > sabdb indeed is the format to serialise all state information about a
> > database.  See the comments in the C-sources on what changed (as well as
> > commit message), and what you should change as well.
> i've replicated the java client behavior.
> > I didn't know the python api had support for it too, or I'd looked at it
> > at the time it was introduced.  Sorry.
> no problem, we where not using this anyway yet, since I'm still not
> finished with implementing the support for unix file sockets...
> I got a bit stuck with it and forgot about it.


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