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correction, if I'm correct 'sabdb' is used to describe the status of a db.

On 08/03/13 16:39, Gijs Molenaar wrote:
> Hi MonetDB people,

> I've noticed that there has been a new version (2) of the sabdb protocol
> introduced. The sabdb protocol is used to send administrative command to
> a monetdb server.
> This breaks the Python API, which I just fixed, I'll commit it later.
> But I've noticed some strange behavior, it looks like monetdb closes the
> connection in some cases, not all. Specifically when I issue a status
> command the connection is closed, but in other cases it is not.
> I've fixed it now by reconnecting before every command, but I just
> wanted to verify if that is the right way to go.
> greetings,
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