Adding data types (maybe to core), probably BUG

Mike Gomez mail_server at
Fri Mar 8 14:24:11 CET 2013

   i am working on monetdb so as it can be used efficiently by more
users(myself included).However, the issue i seem to face ( as maybe
others) is the data types.

for many weeks now,I have been going through the source code,
understanding and learning it.Data types in monetdb can be extended in 2
types, external and core GDK.

external method problem ( maybe bug in monetdb)

I have created new data type, say unsigned int 32 bit, using extensions
(such as inet,color and so on).However, the bug is monetdb
system doesn't use my comparison operation, instead uses the default
inbuilt operators.

eg.  in the uint mal file( MonetDB/monetdb5/modules/atoms/uint.mal), i
have declared

atom uint:int;
..............skipped source code

however, when i sort the table, the system still places negative values
ahead, means instead of using my declared comparison algos, it's
using internal algos.
my question is how do i override that ( or is it even possible to do

core GDK method
After failing that, i thought lets add the core data type uint in the
gdk_atoms.c. i modified the parsor(& everything else) and the system
recognizes my data type.

however,when i run simple insert query such as below, i get
insert into test1 values('2');
TypeException:user.s1_1[3]:'calc.uint' undefined in: _5:any :=

however, i have got completely stuck in the MAL operators and language.
so, how do i get the algebra, operations and everything right, so it

Any pointers will help.
let me know if something more is required.

i am working on this out of my interest,so eventually if i get it to
work somehow, the code goes back to project.

Thanks for help.

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