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Thu Jun 20 18:09:21 CEST 2013

We are running MonetDB in our enterprise in a production environment.  It
works well.  There are nuances.

We do a lot of bulk loading, so we picked a time during the day to shut
MonetDB down and restart it.
The reason, memory fragmentation, does occur and in our experience would
cause the database to fail and lock up. It will stop accepting connections.

Our database health gradually and constantly decreases.  Although I can say
we have never received wrong answers from the database or had any obvious
effects from poor database health. We periodically recreate the entire
database to get the health of the database back up to 100%.  Essentially we
use MonetDB as a fast query database and not the primary database for
maintaining the integrity of our data.  There is no repair utility for the
database.  We're still learning how and if we should report issues like
this because it happens gradually and the log has some splat marks " ***
glibc detected *** /usr/bin/mserver5: corrupted doubly-linked list:
 0x00007fa12411f4d0 *** and *** glibc detected *** /user/bin/mserver5:
double free or corruption (!prev): 0x00007fa12411f4d0 *** in it.

Like anything else, I think you learn to live with whatever tools you are
using and play into the strengths and avoid the weaknesses, reporting them
and hoping they can get patched up eventually.


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> I would like to know whether any enterprise is running MonetDB outside
> research community.   Please help.
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