After plenty of querys the database use 40 times more disk space than the original data, How can I avoid this?

liyuesen 00108910 liyuesen at
Thu Jun 6 09:08:09 CEST 2013

Hi guys:
       In my case , original data 8G bytes, but after plenty of query, the disk space usage is 361G bytes. The query is simply, first five UNION ALL, then fetch the result. When the query is running, I use vmstat to watch the IO status. When the database becomes larger, the BI and BO number increase very large too, for example  bo 355224, bi 27392. And the query cost ten times longer than before! 
       After rebooting the database, the database disk space was reduced to its original data size, 8G. It seems too much runtime data was produced. How can I solve the problem or avoid the problem!


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