MonetDB: SciQL-2 - forked new SciQL-2 branch off Feb2013 branch:

Ying Zhang Y.Zhang at
Thu Jul 25 23:39:09 CEST 2013

On Jul 25, 2013, at 23:12, Stefan Manegold wrote:

> Changeset: b1131b028770 for MonetDB
> ...
> Branch: SciQL-2
> Log Message:
> forked new SciQL-2 branch off Feb2013 branch:


> The SciQL-2 branch has been initialized by applying the differences
> between tag before_new_JOIN_implementation (changeset 334140294fb2) of the default branch
>    and tag SciQL-2_source                 (changeset c05174470f48) of the sciql   branch
> onto the Feb2013 branch (tag SciQL-2_root / changeset a2665f0d1fc5),
> i.e., the SciQL-2 branch differs from the Feb2013 branch
> just like the sciql branch differs from the default banch.
> While this excercise was aimed at improving the stability of the SciQL code base
> (by eliminating potentially not yet stabelized development code),
> the segfaults that triggered this excercise (as reported internally)
> do unfortunately still occur also with the SciQL-2 branch ...

I'll look into this a.s.a.p., but it's better to work based on a stable branch anyway.


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