Issues with MonetDB

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at
Tue Jan 22 08:12:13 CET 2013

Dear Ashish,

thank you very much for your feedback.

Did you already try Oct2012-SP2, upcoming Oct2012-SP3 (currently available from ; will be formally released soon), or the Feb2013 branch from Mercurial (

To be able to further debug the problem on our side, we would need all the ingredients required to reproduce the problem you're experiencing (code, data, queries, detailed instructions).


Ashish Kumar Singh <ashishkumar.singh at> wrote:

Dear Monet DB team,



We are facing few very critical issues in monetdb in one of the
reporting applications we are trying to put up using it. First of all
performance improvements are really great using monetdb but we are
facing some issues related to data consistency as described below:




1.       Duplicate tuples are getting inserted few times.

2.       Updates to database are not available for read immediately ,
sometimes wrong values are returned by database. After certain number of
retires these becomes available though can go to 10 times of retires.


We are facing this for Oct 2012 Sp1 build. These data related bug are
not acceptable in our usage scenario and this will be the case with
other folks too!




Question to the list is there any released version backwards / upwards
which can be used instead of October 2012 Sp1 which does not have these
issues? I have filled a bug also for this at






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