Strange behaviour with MonetDB

Ashish Kumar Singh ashishkumar.singh at
Tue Jan 15 09:02:46 CET 2013

Hi List ,


We are facing one strange behavior with Monetdb. We have a simple table
called test with following structure:



CREATE SEQUENCE "testtable_seq" as bigint START WITH 1;


CREATE TABLE testtable 

(dim_id bigint DEFAULT NEXT VALUE FOR "testtable_seq", 

dim_type varchar(100) NOT NULL, 

dim_value varchar(100) NOT NULL, 

CONSTRAINT unique_dimension UNIQUE(dim_type,dim_value) ,

CONSTRAINT pk_testtable PRIMARY KEY (dim_id));


We have a program which reads and writes to this table along with other
tables using JDBC.



We are facing below problems interminently:


1. When we query back data from this table with query like :


select dim_id,dim_type,dim_value from testtable where dim_type='user'
and dim_value='user1' we are getting back ID for some other value
present in testable .


2. We are also seeing duplicate values getting inserted in to this




Please suggest , we are using Oct SP1 build.












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