Solution: jdbcclient.jar is always prompting even there is password list in .monetdb

Fabian Groffen fabian at
Thu Jan 10 09:51:45 CET 2013

On 09-01-2013 17:24:34 +0800, sigit kartiko wrote:
> I use jdbcclient.jar to backup several table periodically with my crontab. I
> already put .monetdb with my password text there. But there is problem, it'
> s always prompting for password. 
> I check the source and i make it right with this solution:
> before :
> if (user != equals(copts.getOption("user").getArgument()) pass = null;
> after:
> if (!user.equals(copts.getOption("user").getArgument())) pass = null;

No, this would change the behaviour and crash.  user can be null here,
when there was no .monetdb file, or user wasn't set in it using:

The intended behaviour is that when you specify the user on the command
line (-u), you always wipe the password previously read, regardless
whether this given user is the same as given in the .monetdb file.

Hence my suspicion is that you supply -u to JdbcClient upon invocation.
Simply dropping that should do.

On side note: we strongly advice you to use mclient for dumping instead
of JdbcClient.  The latter has long been deprecated in favour of the
first.  mclient's dumping preserves the data better.  JdbcClient is not
supported, as it's simply a JDBC debugging aid.

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