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Wed Jan 9 07:49:57 CET 2013

Hey guys,
I'm trying to do a MonetDb Clustering.
I am using two laptops both with ubuntu 12.10 installed.
In both laptops, MonetDb is installed. 
I followed the following steps as described in the cluster management documentation:
1. I created a DB farm and set the passphrase in both laptops 
worker% monetdbd create /fullpath/to/mydbfarm
worker% monetdbd set passphrase=mypassphrase /fullpath/to/mydbfarm
worker% monetdbd start /fullpath/to/mydbfarm
2. From one system I'm able to discover the other system guarded with monetdbd
willem% monetdb discover
3. Using one system I created a database in the other one
willem% monetdb -h cruquius -P mypassphrase create pump

Since I only have two laptops I created the same database in both the laptops and I'm trying to set the 
shared property so that i will be able to refer to the same Database from both the laptops.
The goal is to have different dataset(tables) of the same database stored in different machines but being 
able to query the database as a whole from a system.
I tried the following but was unsuccesfull
laptop1% monetdb -h laptop2-P mypassphrase set shared=pump/1/ pump
laptop1% monetdb -h laptop1-P mypassphrase set shared=pump/2/ pump
laptop1% mclient -d '*/pump/2'
laptop1% mclient -d '*/pump/1'

How should I go about it?
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