Announcement: New Feb2013 Feature release of MonetDB suite

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at
Tue Feb 19 13:32:24 CET 2013

The MonetDB team at CWI/MonetDB BV is pleased to announce the
Feb2013 feature release of the MonetDB suite of programs.

More information about MonetDB can be found on our website at

For details on this release, please see the release notes at

As usual, the download location is <>.

   Feb 2013 feature release
   Testing Environment   * enabled "top-level" So far, while
                  could be called in any subdirectory of
                           the MonetDB source tree (and could then run all
                           tests in the entire sub-tree), it was not possible
                           to call in the top-level MonetDB source
                           directory to run all tests. Instead, to run all
                           tests, had to be called at least 4 times,
                           once in each of these directories: "clients",
                           "monetdb5", "sql", "geom". Now, it is possible to
                           call once in the top-level MonetDB source
                           directory to run all tests in one go. The
                           behaviour of calling in any subdirectory,
                           including the four mentioned above, did not
                           changed, other than that now obsolete command line
                           options "-p / --package <package>" and "-5 /
                           --monetdb5" have been removed.
   Java Module           * merocontrol was changed to return server URIs, and
                           lastStop time. Connections and dbpath were
                         * Mapi protocol v8 support was removed from
                           MapiSocket. Protocol v8 has not been used by the
                           servers any more since Apr2012 release
   Client Package        * Mapi protocol v8 support was removed from all
                           client drivers. Protocol v8 has not been used by
                           the servers any more since Apr2012 release
                         * The tool mnc was removed from installations
                         * msqldump: Implmented an option (--table/-t) to
                           dump a single table.
                         * Changed msqdump's trace option to be in line with
                           mclient. In both cases, the long option is
                           --Xdebug and the short option is -X.
   MonetDB5 Server       * mserver5: The --dbname and --dbfarm options have
                           been replaced by the single --dbpath option.
                         * The scheduler of mserver5 was changed to use a
                           fixed set of workers to perform the work for all
                           connected clients. Previously, each client
                           connection had its own set of workers, easily
                           causing resource problems upon multiple
                           connections to the server.
   Merovingian           * Upgrade support for dbfarms from Mar2011 and
                           Aug2011 was dropped
                         * monetdb status now uses a more condensed output,
                           to cater for the uris being shown, and prints how
                           long a database is stopped, or how long ago it
                         * monetdb status now prints the connection uri for
                           each database, when available. The connections and
                           database path properties have been dropped.
                         * monetdb status now prints last crash date only if
                           the database has not been started since.
   Bug Fixes             * 2291: small doubles end up as NULL after
                         * 3215: Calculation Date function using interval and
                         * 3033: stethoscope needs better documentation
                         * 3084: Timestamp arithmetic very slow (especially
                           on Windows)
                         * 3125: Python tests fail after recent Python API
                         * 3172: assertion fails on table function with
                           subselects as parameters
                         * 3178: one scan is enough to implement ALGstdev_ at 1
                           in monetdb5/modules/kernel/
                         * 3179: LIKE: called
                           instead of pcre.like_filter
                         * 3193: Expressions not supported in the GROUP BY or
                           ORDER BY clause.
                         * 3216: "unknown property" error setting format and
                           width in .monetdb file
                         * 3217: gdk_posix fails to compile under NetBSD
                         * 3221: can no execute large statements
                         * 3227: MT_set_lock() call on an non-initialized

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