No mclient prompt. Connection hangs.

Tapomay Dey tapomay at
Wed Feb 6 09:20:21 CET 2013

I have started facing issues when trying to connect to the DB using mclient remotely/locally.
All my services have started failing as the DB is no longer responding(using JDBC).
There is hardly any load on the DB - no memory/cpu usage.
Although the monetdb status shows a health of only 47%(What does this mean?)
When I do a sockstat on the merovingian I can see the client's socket.
But when I sockstat on the mserver5 process I don't see that. (FYI- when I am able to connect using mclient I see this socket in mserver's sockstat instead of monetdbd)

I do get the mclient prompt sometimes with full functionality. But most of the times it just gets stuck and the prompt never occurs.

Any more diagnostics that I can perform to resolve this?

When I ctrl+c on the mclient the mclient process stops but socket stays in ESTABLISHED state on server. Verified it by comparign port no. before and after killing mclient and making sure no one else is connected.

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