UTF-8 support for column names?

Satoshi Nagayasu snaga at uptime.jp
Mon Aug 12 09:30:21 CEST 2013


Is there any plan to support UTF-8 charactors for column names (or
object identifiers) in MonetDB? I think it's not supported so far.

I'm trying to port my database from a row-store one to MonetDB.

Now, we are using UTF-8 charactors (Japanese) in column names,
so we need to convert them manually.

Obviously, it is possible, but if MonetDB can support UTF-8 charactors
in column name, it would be easier to get porting our database to

And I found the related thread and feature request on this.

[MonetDB-users] 答复: Does Monetdb supports UTF-8 characters when I use 
'as' clause?

Bug 3010 - Does not currently support non-ASCII names in identifiers

Is there any particluar plan? Is it difficult to implement?

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