[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB project will move to monetdb.org

Fabian Groffen fabian at monetdb.org
Wed Sep 26 13:22:02 CEST 2012

We would like to inform you that as of Januari 2013, the monetdb project
on SourceForge will be removed.  All services that SourceForge has
kindly provided us with in the past will be migrated to our monetdb.org

Currently, the only remaining services hosted on SourceForge are the
three mailing lists monetdb-announce, monetdb-users and
monetdb-developers.  As of this message, these lists are migrated to
their equivalents on monetdb.org.  The new lists are as follows:

monetdb-announce at lists.sourceforge.net   -> announce-list at monetdb.org
monetdb-users at lists.sourceforge.net      -> users-list at monetdb.org
monetdb-developers at lists.sourceforge.net -> developers-list at monetdb.org

We invite you to subscribe to the new lists on monetdb.org at your
earliest convenience.  Any posts to the old lists are rejected from now
on.  Posts to the new lists at monetdb.org are forwarded in batches to
the old lists until the end of this year.

The MonetDB team would like to take this opportunity to thank
SourceForge for the services provided over the past years.  We hope to
welcome all current subscribers on our new lists at monetdb.org, see:


The MonetDB team
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