cloning a repository from release MonetDB-11.9.7

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    I would like to clone a repository from  MonetDB-11.9.7.  What would be the branch or rev number for:

        hg clone -b

    Thanks in advance.


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Subject: Generating gprof report


    I used the "--enable_profile" option to configure my MonetDB and ran "make clean; make; make install".

    I, then, started my MonetDB instance and ran the following query:

        select count(*) from lineitem where l_partkey > 9000;

    Lastly, I quit from the "mclient" session and issued "monetdbd stop ...".  

    I observed that there are several gmon.out files in different directories in my top build directory.

    Therefore, I issued the following gprof command:

        gprof /usr/local/bin/mserver5 ./sql/backends/monet5/gmon.out ./gdk/gmon.out  ./monetdb5/extras/mal_optimizer_template/gmon.out ./monetdb5/modules/atoms/gmon.out 

            ./monetdb5/modules/kernel/gmon.out ./monetdb5/modules/mal/gmon.out ./monetdb5/scheduler/gmon.out ./monetdb5/optimizer/gmon.out ./monetdb5/mal/gmon.out 

    However, the output of the above command did not show any calling sequence containing the execution of MAL instructions.

    Did I miss anything?

    Thanks in advance.

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