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James Becker III jbecker at
Mon Oct 15 19:55:10 CEST 2012

Hello MonetDB Community.

My name is James Becker, my friends call me Jaimi, and I am new to posting messages here, so I hope you will bear with me.

I am conducting a POC on MonetDB to see if we can use it to replace Vertica for a large scale read mostly educational reporting application. So far things are showing promise, but the legacy reports lean heavily on OVER(), which doesn't appear to be part of the 11.11.11 release. Am I missing something, or is this the case?

If anyone who has run into a similar limitations has any insights as to where I have made a wrong turn, or how to either implement OVER() in MonetDB using either MAL/C, or any suggestions for query work-arounds that would yield similar results, this would be greatly appreciated.


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