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Sid Just justsid at
Thu Oct 11 11:14:35 CEST 2012

Greetings all,

 I have a simple question about MonetDB.
 I'm evaluating different several column-store db and I have some questions about Monet :

    *  Is MonetDB a column-store database ? If yes I can't understand how I can query it with standard SQL (it'so simple bue it seem to be the ONLY column-store db that support SQL)
    *  Can MonetDB scale-out over several machines (to build a cluster) for the same database ?
    *  There is no .NET provider that I can use to connect to MonetDB for fast accessing from C# instead of using ODBC ?
 In general I'm looking for a database that can perform realtime queries against milions of records, because we are going to build a web application that need real fast access to the data.
 What are best practices in desing tables in MonetDB ?

 Thanks a lot to everyone!
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