[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB: default - Partial de-mx batmtime

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Wed Jul 18 11:00:59 CEST 2012

On 7/18/12 10:53 AM, Stefan Manegold wrote:
> Just wondering ... (and trying to learn):

>>   address MTIMEbat_ at 1_@3
>>   comment "Compare a bat of @1 against each other";
>>   command batcalc. at 2( l:bat[:oid,:@1], r:@1) :bat[:oid,:bit]
>>   address MTIMEbat_ at 1_@3_cst;
>> -command batcalc. at 2( l:bat[:void,:@1], r:@1) :bat[:void,:bit]
>> +command batcalc. at 2(r:@1, l:bat[:oid,:@1]) :bat[:oid,:bit]
> Is the above signature change (swapping left & right operand) intended?
> If so, what is the reason for it?
signatures indicated different code paths, most likely never used.
-cst-Type versus -Type-cst
>>   address MTIMEbat_ at 1_cst_@3
>>   comment "Compare a bat of @1 against a singleton";
>> -command batcalc. at 2(a:bat[:void,:bit], l:bat[:void,:@1], r:bat[:void,:@1]) :bat[:void,:bit]
>> +command batcalc. at 2(a:bat[:oid,:bit], l:bat[:oid,:@1], r:bat[:oid,:@1]) :bat[:oid,:bit]
>>   address MTIMEaccum_ at 1_@3
>>   comment "Compare a bat of @1 against each other";
>> -command batcalc. at 2(a:bat[:void,:bit], l:bat[:oid,:@1], r:@1) :bat[:oid,:bit]
>> +command batcalc. at 2(a:bat[:oid,:bit], l:bat[:oid,:@1], r:@1) :bat[:oid,:bit]
>>   address MTIMEaccum_ at 1_@3_cst;
>> -command batcalc. at 2(a:bat[:void,:bit], l:bat[:void,:@1], r:@1) :bat[:void,:bit]
>> +command batcalc. at 2(a:bat[:oid,:bit], r:@1, l:bat[:oid,:@1]) :bat[:oid,:bit]

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