[Monetdb-developers] Announcement: New Jul2012 Feature release of MonetDB suite

Fabian Groffen fabian at monetdb.org
Tue Jul 17 14:00:27 CEST 2012

The MonetDB team at CWI/MonetDB BV is pleased to announce the
Jul2012 feature release of the MonetDB suite of programs.

More information about MonetDB can be found on our website at

For details on this release, please see the release notes at

As usual, the download location is <http://dev.monetdb.org/downloads/>.

   Jul 2012 feature release
   Build Environment   * Created seperate RPM and DEB packages for
                       * Removed --enable-bits option from configure.
                       * Split the MonetDB-client-ruby RPM package into two
                         and named them in accordance with the Fedora
                         packaging guidelines as rubygem-<gem-name>.
   SQL                 * COPY INTO now accepts optional parenthesis for file
                         argument. Binary COPY INTO now requires 'COPY BINARY
   Client Package      * ODBC: Fixed a bug where SQLNativeSql expected a
                         statment handle instead of a connection handle.
   MonetDB5 Server     * Crackers code has been removed. Development
                         continues in the holindex branch.
   Merovingian         * Fixed misc memory leaks, which caused monetdbd to
                         grow in memory size over time.
                       * Removed erroneously (re-)added master and slave
                         properties, this functionality is currently not
   MonetDB Common      * Fixed intermittent problem that joins and selects
                         return incorrect results and possibly inconsistent
                         databases. The problems only occurred after a series
                         of queries and updates, therefore it was hard to
                       * The sorted property, which was used to maintain
                         whether a column in a BAT was sorted or reverse
                         sorted, has been replaced by a pair of properties,
                         sorted and revsorted. These new properties can be
                         set independently (unlike the old sorted property),
                         and so if both are set, the column must be constant.
                         In addition, internal property checking has been
                         overhauled. Now, when a property is set incorrectly,
                         and when assertions are enabled, an assertion will
                         go off. There is also a function which can derive
                       * Implemented proper overflow checking on all
                         arithmetic operations.
   Bug Fixes           * 3016: Overflowing double multiplication leads to
                         incorrect result
                       * 3091: Since Apr2012-SP1
                         undefined in: _89:any := bat.reverse(_86:wrd)
                       * 3099: ambiguous attributes in query with WITH clause
                         and EXISTS clause
                       * 3100: charset problem with the odbc driver for
                       * 3103: display_size and internal_size of
                         Cursor.description or incorrect
                       * 3105: Leaking using Python
                       * 3109: Wrong order in autoload mal script causes
                         warning on startup
                       * 3111: memory leak, monetdb set/get command
                       * 3112: Median over temporal domains
                       * 3113: Cannot set value of indexed column when doing
                       * 3114: Foreign Key prblems
                       * 3116: Segfault in SQL

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