[Monetdb-developers] How to embed MonetDB

Florin Ciodaru fciodaru at ixiacom.com
Fri Feb 17 04:54:58 CET 2012

Hi all,

First I want to congratulate all of you for this work.

Now, we are trying to build a "real-time" like application that on one side periodically receives sets of matrices and on the other side receives query to apply on this matrices

-          Each set of matrices can have thousands of elements

o   each of them belongs to a certain class, hence groups of them will need to be inserted in the same monetdb table

o   each matrix has ~20 columns and the number of rows can grow to 128k

-          The queries can be

o   One-time

o   or , continuous (to be applied on each new set of matrices)

Looking for stream processing engine, we reached DataCell and MonetDB.

We downloaded the Dec2011 source code from Mercurial depot. Unfortunately, we could not yet figure out how to bring DataCell up and running, although we successfully built it. Maybe you can gives us more pointers than what already exists on the site.

In parallel we are trying to experiment with MonetDB functionality as a library to be embedded in our own host (e.g. windows application).

The basic functions we want from this library are

-          Fast low level API's to create tables and populate them with values

-          High level API's to execute SQL queries

For the insertions we figure out the API's in sql_storage.h are close to what we want. However we could not yet find API's that allow us to execute SQL queries (we did find SQLstatementIntern but cannot yet figure out how to retrieve the results of query execution).

Your help will be really appreciated,
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