[Monetdb-developers] Announcement: New Apr2011-SP2 bugfix release of MonetDB suite

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at acm.org
Fri Sep 16 15:16:58 CEST 2011

The MonetDB team at CWI/MonetDB BV is pleased to announce the Aug2011
feature release of the MonetDB suite of programs.

The default width for OID columns in the database is now 64 bits for all
64-bit architecture.  In releases up to this release, the default width
on 64-bit Windows was still 32 bits.  This means that with the current
release it is possible to have tables with more than about 2 million
rows even on Windows (as long as you use a 64-bit build).

More information (including release notes) on this release is available
at <http://www.monetdb.org/Downloads/ReleaseNotes>.

As usual, the download location is <http://dev.monetdb.org/downloads/>.

Sjoerd Mullender

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