[Monetdb-developers] Problem (and possible fix!) with monetdbd.conf path as specified in Makefile.in

Eric G eric at nixwizard.net
Mon Nov 28 21:03:56 CET 2011

Hello list,

I'm currently trying to use the OpenSUSE build service
(http://build.openeuse.org), to build packages RPMs for for CentOS and
RedHat distributions, and i think I've found a bug in a Makefile for

Essentially it looks like the explicit path
/etc/tmpfiles.d/monetdbd.conf is used in the Makefile located here:

...and the RPM build process doesn't like that. OpenSUSE essentially
implicitly enables the "norootdir" option in the spec file (regardless
of if it's actually present or not) because RPMs are built is special
purpose-built VMs that are provisioned when a "job" to build an RPM is
submitted, and the build process doesn't run as root.

See here and here for more discussion on this problem (it's a common
problem apparently):


I think the "fix" is as simple as inserting "$(prefix)" into the line
in Makefile.in, so that the build path is used to create the temporary
folder instead of attempting to writing to the system-wide /etc folder
(the build fails on the Makefile's install phase with permission
denied errors because of this static path).

Am I on to something here? If I'm right, can the Makefile.in file be
patched please, adding $(prefix)?

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