[Monetdb-developers] Information request

Ying Zhang Y.Zhang at cwi.nl
Mon Nov 21 00:27:02 CET 2011

>> What you need is to first use the mclient interface with the sql support to perform some preliminary tests for your application, and then hook your applications to monetdb by opening a connection and issuing sql statements to load and manipulate your data. A very important added bonus for your application is that we are currently also developing sciql, an extension to the sql language to support scientific query demands!
> I took a look at SciQL web site yesterday as suggested by Martin Kersten. Have to read SciQL.pdf I've downloaded. So does monetdb implement SciQl or it will do in the future as you're currently developing? I view also SciDb web site, are SciQL and SciDB related in some way? 

Hello Luca,

SciQL is currently under active development as part of MonetDB.  I expect a first release in Q1 of 2012.

SciQL is part of the projects SciLens and MonetDB.  The MonetDB core team in Amsterdam is working on SciQL.  SciDB is a US project led by prof. Stonebraker.  Both SciQL and SciDB target at building a database that is suitable for scientific applications, but each project takes a very different direction to reach its goal.  For instance, in SciQL, we have chosen for a seamless integration of the relational and array paradigms.  We are extending the relational MonetDB kernel to support array as the first class citizens.  In contrast, SciDB is building a dedicated array DBMS from scratch.

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