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Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Sun Nov 20 05:19:04 CET 2011

On 19-11-2011 22:12:09 +0100, luca paganotti wrote:
> Was not my intention to use a a dbms as a c library. My interest in the C
> API is only from an application perspective. I can make you a couple
> examples: 1) let's say I want to write a unix daemon that searches the web
> for METAR files. Whenever it finds a new file the daemon parses it and then
> stores structured info in a dbms. It's very likely that this daemon will be
> written in C, or at least I would make it this way. The C API can make me
> connect to a db and then to use any kind of SQL statement as I need it.
> 2) If I would write the bindings for a language not currently supported by
> monetdb like eiffel the best way is to have a C API.

We prefer bindings to be written in the language itself, as much as
possible.  I'm almost sure wrapping the MAPI C-API in Eiffel will result
in something foreign to the language (if you can figure out pre and post
conditions anyway).

Perhaps you better look at the Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby and JDBC bindings
instead, since they all implement the MAPI wire protocol in the language
of the binding itself.
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