[Monetdb-developers] Information request

luca paganotti luca.paganotti at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 08:20:11 CET 2011

Sorry for insisting,

I'm interested in learning more about monetdb, but I've some difficulties
in finding the informations I'm searching for.

I would like to learn more about the C API, so I'm searching for some
coding examples. The only thing I found was presumably an old example (as
Stefan told me) about mapi usage that unfortunately doesn't work for me
with monetdb current release (tried both linux and windows releases). I
wrote two times to the developer list but at the moment no meaningful

Am I missing something? Have monetdb a still live developer community.?
Should I take a direct contact to info at monetdb.org? Should I use bugzilla

Hope not to annoy anyone.

Best regards.

-- Dott. Ing. Luca Paganotti
-- Via dei Giardini 9
-- 21035 Cunardo (VA)
-- 393 1346898
-- sourceforge email:
-- lucapaganotti at users.sourceforge.net
-- enml.org email:
-- luca.paganotti at enml.org
-- skype name: luca.paganotti
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