[Monetdb-developers] Search MonetDB Source - character processing at light speed :-)

Arjen P. de Vries arjen at spinque.com
Mon Mar 21 14:14:00 CET 2011

Dear MonetDB enthusiasts,

Feel free to use the suffix array search demo of the MonetDB source
tree where you see fit:
The index is refreshed every night!

You will interactively view all the exact matches of the string you
type (with their count);
while you type it -  like Google Instant, but then per character
instead of word.

(Nice examples for a first try: allready, is build, != null, ...)

For more complex needs, an extended syntax is supported.
Here, all individual operands have to be delimited by single quotes.

(Infix) operators supported are < and > for before and after, respectively,
and ~ for "near". After the second operand, specify the window size in


finds occurrences of #define before either max or min, in a 30 character window.

'if'<'== -1'80~'&&'50
Finds 'if' appearing before '== -1' in an 80 char window,
together with  '&&' in a char window.

We are open to suggestions (send to info at spinque.com to reach all of
us), and keen to hear about your successful (and even the
unsuccessful) uses of the demo.

Many greetings,

The Spinque team
Arjen, Roberto and Wouter

CWI, room L333                            Centre for Mathematics and
Computer Science
Science Park 123                           Email: Arjen.de.Vries at cwi.nl
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