[Monetdb-developers] Installation troubles Mac OSX 10.6.6

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Wed Feb 2 10:56:51 CET 2011

Hi Jan,

On 02-02-2011 10:10:54 +0100, Jan Flokstra wrote:
> I am trying to install the newest monetdb system with the single
> bootstrap/configure on my Mac. This does not work as good as it used
> to be.  First when I do ./bootstrap I get the message that the
> libtoolize cannot be found. This is not installed on Mac OS, the
> default here is glibtoolize (version = 2.2.4). When using a package
> managers like fink libtoolize may be already installed in /sw because
> other packages need it. My solution was to temporary change the
> bootstrap file. 

Thanks, this should be easy to fix.

> The next problem is that it cannot find the libiconv package. I have libiconv installed in the monetdb prefix but i get the message:

You need to have this iconv.m4 file in your aclocal inclusion path.
(-I)  iconv.m4 is provided by the gettext package, you'll need the
development version of that for sure to get this .m4 file.

You can copy the iconv.m4 into the dir where the bootstrap script
resides, or in buildtools/conf.  I'll add some variable so you can add
the system location of the m4 files yourself.

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