[Monetdb-developers] updating the default branch.

Romulo Goncalves R.A.Goncalves at cwi.nl
Thu Nov 25 12:26:59 CET 2010

On 25/11/10 12:12, Stefan Manegold wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 11:56:28AM +0100, Romulo Goncalves wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just updated my default branch and I restarted my mserver, i.e., it will use a old dbfarm.
>> I get the following complain:
>> !MALException:user.main[2497]:address of pattern vault.prelude missing
> 1)
> Since the development version come with no guarantees, it's always a good
> idea to test and upgraded version on a non-crucial easily recreatable or
> backed-up database.
That is always the case.

> 2)
> This is IMHO not database related at all --- you could check this by
> starting your mserver5 with a not yet existing database, e.g.,
> `mserver5 --dbname=ThisIsAnewDB`
It happens in both cases.

> 3)
> Did you recompile from scratch with no legacy lying around, i.e., empty
> build-&  prefix-directories, and bootstrapping everything with the latest
> buildtools?
Yes... my pull does a rebase plus update, therefore, all the modules are updated with the latest version.
The prefix directory is cleaned before I install something.


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