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Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Mon Mar 15 06:12:51 CET 2010

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Dear Anshul,

Op 15-03-10 05:42, anshul gangwar schreef:
>     We want to debug the monetdb server , in other words we want final
>     execution plan and query execution times etc.

Then most likely you will love the stethoscope tool! It gives an awesome
view in the MonetDB kernel *and* it provides you realtime information
about the queries that have been executed. That is not all, you can just
start and stop it without(!) restarting the server, while still making
nifty graphs from this program.

I think this is totally what you need.

There is a lot documentation written for this tool, so you don't have to
be a rocket scientist to use it :)


The last line on the page will give you an example commandline. If you
did not yet change your default monetdb password you can use this one:

stethoscope -umonetdb -Pmonetdb +tis algebra.* bat.* group.* sql.* aggr.*

Please report back how useful this was for your debuging and use of
MonetDB. We appreciate your interest.

Yours Sincerely,

Stefan de Konink
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