[Monetdb-developers] Mx segfaults during MonetDB build

Mark Bucciarelli mkbucc at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 01:43:57 CET 2010


I'm getting a segfault when running Mx, in
buildtools/Mx/Code.c, CodeSubBlk().

The symptom is around line 305---s[-1]
is not accessible memory.

Any suggestions for how to debug/fix this?

I got as far as looking at def in the parent
frame (CodeSub()):

(gdb) print *def
$9 = {
  d_dir = Mxmacro,
  d_cmd = 0x8592e110 "DEFseqscan",
  d_blk = 0x89ca2000 "@:DEFseqscan_@[10](@1, at 2, at 3, at 4, at 5, at 6, at 7, at 8, at 9)@\n",
  d_mod = 0,
  d_sec = 0,
  d_cms = 0xd0d0d0d0 <Address 0xd0d0d0d0 out of bounds>,
  d_file = 0x86c3a080 "gdk_scanselect_defs.mx",
  d_line = 132

This is the Feb2010 branch, on OpenBSD 4.6 with the
following malloc.conf options:

     A       ``Abort''.  malloc() will coredump the process, rather than tol-
             erate internal inconsistencies or incorrect usage.  This is the
             default and a very handy debugging aid, since the core file rep-
             resents the time of failure, rather than when the bogus pointer
             was used.
     G       ``Guard''.  Enable guard pages.  Each page size or larger alloca-
             tion is followed by a guard page that will cause a segmentation
             fault upon any access.
     J       ``Junk''.  Fill some junk into the area allocated.  Currently
             junk is bytes of 0xd0 when allocating; this is pronounced
             ``Duh''.  :-) Freed chunks are filled with 0xdf.
     P       ``Move allocations within a page.'' Allocations larger than half
             a page but smaller than a page are aligned to the end of a page
             to catch buffer overruns in more cases.  This is the default.

I was getting these when building Nov2009, but I was
able to get past them by restarting the build multiple

I'd like to fix it this time around.  Fortunately, after a
gmake clean the crash is reproduceable.



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