[Monetdb-developers] Parallel insertions in monetdb table - some records do not insert

kss ram kssram12 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 17:52:06 CEST 2010

Hello Everyone!

Brief Overview of the issue

1. Sample Data that erlang program tries to insert in monetdb

   [{"a","string"}, {"b","string"}], %% a,b are column names
   [{"a","a1"}, {"b","b1"}], %% key, value pair of the data - {columnname,
   [{"a","a2"}, {"b","b2"}],
   [{"a","a3"}, {"b","b3"}],
   [{"a","a4"}, {"b","b4"}],
   [{"a","a5"}, {"b","b5"}],
   [{"a","a6"}, {"b","b6"}],
   [{"a","a7"}, {"b","b7"}],
   [{"a","a8"}, {"b","b8"}],
   [{"a","a9"}, {"b","b9"}],
   [{"a","a10"}, {"b","b10"}],
   [{"a","a11"}, {"b","b11"}]

2. no of threads/processes that would do parallel inserts would be
determined by the thread size i.e how many of records the thread would
insert, if say 5 records then 3 threads, if 3 records then 4 threads.

3. in order to connect to monetdb from erlang, the monetdb ODBC driver is
specified in ODBCConfig utility of ubuntu, driver file is

4. threads are successfully created and the ODBC module quits successfully
after inserting in the erlang program, but when we look in the monetdb
table, some of the rows get missed, for example row from 1 to 11 get
inserted without row 3 or 4 getting inserted.

could this be a problem with the ODBC driver?, am I missing any
configuration?, any help would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

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