[Monetdb-developers] need help for extracting BAT

Gaetano Fabiano fg.pappa at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 16:28:12 CEST 2010

Hi all, i'm a new user of MonetDB. I worked on MonetDB/SQL and I can use
well it. Now I need to use MonetDB directly with MAL. But i'm not so able to
do that.  I run the client with this command on linux:

mclient -lmal -d database

So I can write MAL istruction. But I don't need to create a procedure in MAL
that doesn't access to my data.
What I need to do is that:
I need to give the BAT data of my DataBase and put all data on my
application: example C++ ora Java array, after that I need to manipulate
this BAT with my application and update the original BAT.

How can I do that?
summarizing i need:

   - Access to the BAT of the table of my Database.
   - Print it on monitor
   - Put it in array, file, stack, or any DataStruct with any programming
   - Set my manipulated BAT again in MonetDB.

All of this is possible?
Someone can help me?

I'm sorry if I don't know the netiquette of your mailing list but I need to
do that and I don't know where I could be helped.

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