[Monetdb-developers] GDKupgradevarheap allocate/copy inconsistency

Isidor Zeuner monetdb at quidecco.de
Sat Jan 23 19:26:04 CET 2010

> >> I don't think BATs created in VIEWcreate_ should end up in
> >> GDKupgradevarheap.  Those BATs are views, and I would think views are
> >> read-only, and read-only BATs should not end up here.
> >>
> > 
> > Yes, intuitively it seemed a bit unusual when I thought about it, but
> > then again I am not much used to the MonetDB internals yet.
> > 
> > I had found GDKupgradevarheap being supplied with a capacity less than
> > heap.size >> shift (it was capacity == 256, heap.size == 512 and shift
> > == 0), and was wondering where it came from. So I added assert
> > statements to all locations modifying capacity, shift or the heap
> > allocation, which errored out in VIEWcreate_. It happened about the
> > same time where I would have expected the GDKupgradevarheap issue to
> > occur, so I found it most likely to be related.
> > 
> > Of course the problematic BAT might still come from another source, so
> > if you say views won't reach GDKupgradevarheap, I'll probably
> > go for another run without the assertions in VIEWcreate_. On the other
> > hand, will it suffice to put assert(!isVIEW(b)) statements in front of
> > the GDKupgradevarheap calls in the code to verify?
> If you get to this situation again, and you happen to catch it in the
> debugger (inside GDKupgradevarheap), perhaps you can look at the
> c->parentid value.  I expect it to be 0, meaning the column is not
> shared with another BAT (i.e. not a view).  I'll try an assert to that
> effect and see what that gives in our tests.

My current setup makes it a bit impractical to attach a debugger, but
I'm investigating further using asserts. I had an
"assert(max_capacity == capacity)" to find out when it happens again,
and now I have an "assert(c->parentid == 0 || capacity ==
max_capacity)" right in front of it, so I can inform you if the sizes
are indeed mismatching with c->parentid being non-zero at the same

Right now, my search for clues let me stumble on yet another issue for
which I'm not sure if it's related: [1]. At least it always
corrupts my data before I get to the point of investigating the heap
upgrading issue.

Best regards,

Isidor Zeuner

[1] http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2938065&group_id=56967&atid=482468

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