[Monetdb-developers] GDKupgradevarheap allocate/copy inconsistency

Isidor Zeuner monetdb at quidecco.de
Thu Jan 21 23:06:01 CET 2010

Dear MonetDB developers,

please see the newly created tracker item [1].

I haven't seen relevant design documentation which would have
allowed me to deduce if BATs from VIEWcreate_ are actually supposed to
end up in GDKupgradevarheap, as it happened to me. Still, I could
imagine the suggested fix to be a step in the right direction as it
helps modularity by making the function working with less
preassumptions on the inputs. However, if it fits into the global
design, the capacity argument can (should?) be removed from the
function signature.

Best regards,

Isidor Zeuner

[1] https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2936616&group_id=56967&atid=482468

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