[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB/XQuery on Ruby with DataMapper

Tinco Andringa mail at tinco.nl
Sun Jan 17 02:38:49 CET 2010

Hey Gabriele, and rest of monetdb-developers,

After a few weeks of inactivity I've resumed work on making datamapper
work with MonetDB/XQuery. At the moment the dataobjects layer is
working, it can construct a simple xquery and retrieve the results and
map them to objects, as demonstrated here: http://pastie.org/781382

I am now working on implementing the other functionality, conditions,
joins, creating, inserting and updating records. My primary goal is to
use the MonetDB/XQuery as if it were a normal tables+rows-oriented
database. (How to really exploit the advantages of XQuery/XML might be
a whole new project.)

This is what the XQuery monetdb adapter looks like now:

For comparison, this is what the standard DataObjectsAdapter looks
like (outputting SQL queries):

I have absolutely zero previous experience with XQuery so if you have
any comments or suggestions, XQuery/XQUF snippets or patches they
would be very welcome.

Tinco Andringa

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 15:25, Gabriele Modena <G.Modena at cwi.nl> wrote:
> On 30 Nov 2009, at 18:15, Tinco Andringa wrote:
>> Darn, just when I decided to announce my port of the monetdb-ruby-sql
>> gem to xquery, you release a fix of your own :P Anyway it's here:
>> http://github.com/d-snp/ruby-monetdb-xquery
> Hi Tinco!
> Nice to hear you are interested in monetdb/ruby :)
>> There's still some differences between the official one and mine, I
>> think mine handles errors a bit more gracefully, but it could be I
>> missed something. I will look at the other changes as soon as possible
>> to see if mine has any odd behaviour.
>  I will have a look at your implementation and see if we can merge the effort.
>> In the following weeks I will be working on making XQuery and MonetDB
>> work on DataMapper (since DataMapper is a nicer framework than
>> ActiveRecord, and also ActiveRecord depends heavily on SQL)
> That is also very nice to hear since I am personally fond of DataMapper!
> I would suggest to have a look at data objects [0] first, since it seems a unified way to
> deal with interfaces under DM.
> [0] http://rubyforge.org/projects/dorb

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