[Monetdb-developers] Open source database survey - response requested from a MonetDB developer!

Selena Deckelmann selenamarie at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 02:12:44 CET 2010


My name is Selena Deckelmann, and I'm giving a talk at LinuxConf AU
2010 called "A Survey of Open Source Databases". The goal of the talk
is to give developers and software architects an overview of the open
source tools that are out there, and a sense of which types of
problems your software is intended to solve. I'm contacting over 30

If there is a better person or mailing list to direct my questions to,
please point the way!

I've done some basic research, but it would very much help me to have
answers to questions I've included below in your own words. Also, if a
representative from your project has time for a short phone call, I'd
be happy to get answers to these questions by voice
(Skype/Jabber/regular old phone all works for me).

Anyway - the survey is here: http://bit.ly/8yarGr

Even just responding to the first few questions would be helpful, if
you don't have time for them all.

About me:
I primarily volunteer with the PostgreSQL project for creation of user
groups, advocacy and support our project's systems infrastructure, and
I contribute to a replication system  called Bucardo. I'm also
President of Technocation, a 501(c)3 non-profit in the US that helps
organize OpenSQLCamp, WhereCampPDX and other un-conference events, and
distributes free video for open source technical events we're able to

http://chesnok.com/daily - me
http://endpoint.com - work

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