[Monetdb-developers] SQL concurrency/serialization

Isidor Zeuner monetdb at quidecco.de
Thu Feb 25 19:17:38 CET 2010

Dear MonetDB developers,

on concurrently running writing transactions, I am getting a rather
narrowly descriptive error message: "!SQLException:sql.trans:COMMIT:

My first attempts to deal with this issue suggest that it happens
exactly in those cases where the concurrent writes create some sort of

I am aware that MonetDB does not focus on concurrency, and of the
suggestion to serialize multiple writers. However, I'd like to
know what the current status of concurrency is. To what extent are SQL
primitives implemented which allow to let the server take care of
serializing writes, for example through explicit table locking or
transaction isolation?

Best regards,

Isidor Zeuner

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