[Monetdb-developers] cracking pipeline

Isidor Zeuner monetdb at quidecco.de
Sat Feb 13 17:22:32 CET 2010

Dear MonetDB developers,

I'd like to write some words of gratitude for your work on the
cracking code. I have read your paper describing the approach, which
looks promising. And current code already seems to be somehow stable
(I could get it to segfault using integer equality, and got wrong
results using integer comparisons, but both were easy to work around
.. nothing serious compared with the MALexception whack-a-mole I
experienced with mitosis_pipe).

Is there a roadmap somewhere for this part of the code, so I could see
what to expect, or where to test/patch/contribute most appropriately?

Best regards,

Isidor Zeuner

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