[Monetdb-developers] About MAL instrction and C-function

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Mon Aug 23 09:45:04 CEST 2010

Dear all,
    Recently, I am learning the MonetDB,I know that a MAL instrction is corresponding to a C-function. such as a MAL instrction algebra.select() is corresponding to ALGselectInclusive(); and the corresponding file is algebra.mal, for example,
 command select(b:bat[:any_1,:any_2], low:any_2, 
 high:any_2, li:bit, hi:bit) :bat[:any_1,:any_2] 
address ALGselectInclusive
comment "Select all BUNs that have tail values: {v| low <{=} v <{=} high}.
 Boundary inclusion is indicated separately.
 NIL boundary values have a special meaning.
 + low  == nil means: no lower bound
 + high == nil means: no upper bound.";
 My question is ,in MonetDB souces code, how to corresponding the MAL to the C-function, how to implement it ? and how to transfer the parameter from MAL to C-function?
 Best regards!
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