[Monetdb-developers] Compiler Mapi.h on windows

Ken Kao ken at super.ime.ncku.edu.tw
Sun Apr 11 10:15:12 CEST 2010

    Sorry, I confuse it . Mapi.h only includes stdio.h. ( Mapi.c does indeed include more headers.)
My version is latest Feb2010-SP1 release of MonetDB. The really problem for me is that I can not
Compiler my code on windows after include Mapi.c .
    There are many  headers  include in Mapi.c. (ex: monet_utils.h, stream.h, stream_socket.h)  I Find them in < MonetDB-1.36.3\src\common > .
 I try to include them in my code as well. Unfortunately, the first  problem is that I have to extended to include unistd.h in stream.h. I have no ideal to sovle it because unistd.h is a linux header.
    My compiler enviroment is visual studio 2008 . Could you give some guides to create a correct compiler enviroment for Mapi.c ?  I does not understand that How can I create a similar build enviroment for my code as MonetDB on Windows .Could you give some suggestion ? I really hope to be able to compile Mapi.c on Windows myself.

    I also try to use static link to libmapi.dll to achieve my purpose . But I need libmapi.lib can be successfully. If I only have mapi.h and libmapi.dll . Can I successfully complete such a way ?
If No. Can I have any way to get  libmapi.lib ?  I really need it to achieve the second method.  

Thank you very mch!!
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